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Evidence of corsets being

worn go back as far as

ancient Crete but it

was Catherine

De Medici who

instigated their

popularity when

she enforced a

ban on thick

waists at court

in the 1550s !


Plain and  patterned coutil and large  selection  of   fabrics  sold  in  pre-dyed natural  state.

Online & phone orders.

Worldwide shipping. Express/Courier Delivery.

Bradford, BD7 4EQ, UK

0044 (0)1274 576718

[email protected]

Sew Curvy

Corsetry supplies, fabrics,  corset  kits, patterns. Tutorials and handy

corset making hints.

Worldwide shipping.

Online orders only.

Oxford, OX29 6PW, UK

 [email protected]

Macculloch and Wallis

Shop in central London stocking corsetry and lingerie supplies

including, bones, busks,

fabrics and lacing.

Phone and online orders.

London, W1S 1AT, UK

0044 (0)20 7629 0311

[email protected]

Bra Maker

Corsetry,  bra  and  lingerie

supplies  including  fabrics.

UK Online orders only

Based in East Stockwith,

DN21 3DG, UK

[email protected]

Vena Cava Design

Ex  corset makers.  All   corset making   sundries  

and   fabrics including

reed  for  historical   stays.

Online orders only.

Worldwide shipping.

Express &  Courier offered.

Poole, BH14 9ZL, UK

[email protected]

Corset Making

Busks,  boning,  patterns,  lacing,  corset kits. 

Also bra making  and

millinery supplies.  

Worldwide shipping. Online and phone orders.

Philadelphia, 19125,USA

 00 1 215 413 8259

[email protected]


All corsetry supplies and fabrics.  

Worldwide  shipping.   Online orders only

Ontario, N5A 2P8, Canada    00 1 519 275 2374   [email protected]




Corsets are held together

with lacing which,

according to the time period, are laced

from top to bottom,

bottom to top,

or both top and bottom

using two laces

to fasten at the middle.

The word Corset is derived from the old french word "Corps" and a diminutive of "body".

Richard the Thread

Corset supplies and fabrics.

Worldwide shipping. Online and phone orders.

California, 90034, USA  

001 310 837 4997

Nehelenia Patterns

Corset supplies, patterns 

and fabrics.

Worldwide shipping.

Online and phone ordering.

Bonen, 59199, Germany

0049 2383 912946

[email protected]

Roda Traden

Corset supplies, fabrics and patterns for lingerie

and swimwear.

Stockholm, 118 22, Sweden

 0046 8 663 57 01

[email protected]

Aussie Corset Supplies

Corset and bra making supplies and fabrics.  

Online and phone ordering.

Worldwide shipping.

New South Wales, Australia

0061 2 9629 7569

[email protected]

Plasti Dip

Use Plasti Dip

to coat the

cut ends of

continuous boning.  

Hampshire, GU32 1QR,

0044 (0)1730 823823

[email protected]


Corset and lingerie buckles

and medical fastening supplies.


0049 (0)7161 6718 16

[email protected]


Corset supplies and haberdashery

Copenhagen, Denmark

[email protected]

Fantasy Kleidung

Corset supplies, patterns and  haberdashery.


[email protected]

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Typically made of coutil and stiffened with whalebone

the modern corset is now made with plastic coated steel or spiral steel strips

United Kingdom


Rest of Europe


                        Outside Europe

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